Frequently asked questions

Its very simple. Just go to List your services , Choose a plan, upload all your information like Photos, Videos, Location, Courses, Contact information, Operating hours and much more. With theese two simple steps you are now part of Diving passport.

You can easily get more divers by upgrading your listing plan, this allows you to add instant contact information, Social media and Benefits that attract Divers.

You can also Promote your existing listing showing your business at the top of the page results as a featured listing.

To Upgrade or Promote go to : “My Listings” > Click on the “Upgrade” or “Promote” button on the listing you would like to improve.

When divers find your business, they can use “Direct message” as a chat, they can send an instant E-mail, Instant call and also get to you through your website and social media. Thats why its very important to choose a plan that includes all these instant contact options. This is why we recommend “Master Plan”, our most popular package.

You can manage all your listings from your “Dashboard.

Yes, of course! You can edit and add photos, videos, and more information to your listing at anytime! Updating you listing frequently will also help attract new divers from around the world. To edit your listings go to “My Listings” > Click on the “Edit” button on the listing you would like to Edit.

Yes! you can always upgrade your listing’s plan. Go to “My listings” > choose the listing you want to upgrade> click on the green “upgrade” button.

 Yes! all diving services are welcomed to be part of our community. Just go to List your services > Choose “Liveaboard” .

Accommodation listing option is coming soon. 

But if you are interested in list your accommodation services now, contact us and we will add it manually.

If you find your business listed, you can click on “Is this you business?”. Then choose a plan and finally wait for the listing to be aproved.

Yes. We always recommend to offer Discounts for divers. This will help you make a difference from other Dive Centers. To be able to offer discounts you must go with the “Master Plan” option. Let’s be honest, who doesnt like a discount?

Yes! With our “Master Plan” option you can add the diving courses you offer and much more!

Yes! With our “Master Plan” option you can add the dive types you offer and much more!

Yes, you can add as many listings as you want. You can manage all your listings from a single account in the dashboard, and you can also choose different plans for each listing.

Of course! and we would love to help you build a perfect plan for you and your business. If you are interested in doing that, contact our team , let us know your idea and someone will help you soon.

We accept all Credit cards.

Yes, all our plans are billed annualy.

For Scuba Divers:

You get Special discounts and offers, you can easily chat and contact Diving centers to get all the information and details to plan a perfect diving trip. You can bookmark your favourite services, leave reviews to help other divers and recieve our Exclusive newsletter. Click here to Register.

Yes! At the moment it is 100% FREE. But this offer is for a limited time.

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